ArThur is a St. Pauls community based arts collective. This current project focuses on plants that persistently grow in the city, without human nurture (March – June 2011).  Richard Mabey in his book ‘Weeds’ makes the distinction, “Plants become weeds when they obstruct our plans, or our tidy maps of the world”. They present a dichotomy of usefulness and nuisance. For example, at once they can be beautiful but also poisonous. The participants have studied the plant life of Bristol from Spring to Summer – responding to flora bunda, elegant thistles and riotus growth!

Taking inspiration from locality, site visits and everyday journeys, the work produced was through an organic process of experimentation led by the interests of the participants. This mainly including drawing, painting, walking, paper making and printmaking.

Please click on the home page to view documentation of the culminating exhibition. Please click on the ‘Process’ page for documentation of the processes which were mainly based at St Pauls Learning & Family Centre. The lead artist of ArThur is Barbara Disney, and the current project artist/ exhibition facilitator is Laurie Lax (March – June 2011). For more information please contact laurielax [at] googlemail [dot] com.